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can fashion also be art?

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Art from the beginning of time has mostly been associated with the wealthy and displayed as a deliberate sign of the person's egocentric self-desire to show one's wealth to the masses. Often commissioned by religious establishments or political rulers, it was not usually made available to the general population because they were not perceived to be part of the upper enclaves of establishment.

The above statement is probably, in my long career as a writer been, one of the most pompous things I have ever written. If the truth be known, nothing could be further from the truth, as it is a well-known fact that human beings, both male and female, enjoy being surrounded by things of beauty.

Why? Simply because subconsciously beautiful things have a significant positive effect on our mood. That is why we spend so long picking what we are going to wear each day or when attending a special event. So in answer to our question in our main title. Yes. Fashion can also be art, just as art can also be fashion. So if the above is true, then we can all say that at some time in our life we have been found guilty of pompubility? You won’t find the word pompubility anywhere else as I have just made it up.

Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong with wanting ourselves to be just like a peacock wishing to be caught in all our finest refinery. After all, if you have got it, then flaunt it. There is nothing wrong with showing a good impression, especially if it is the only chance you are ever going to get.

The expressionist within you

One of the magical things about art is the way you can express your feelings just by laying out on canvas artwork how you feel at any given time. Van Gough was a master at this, although at times he did tend to go a bit far. The essence of the thing is that you can do just what Van Gough managed to do without the aid of canvas, by merely using your own body as the canvas.

With the above in-mind even though I personally am not a great lover of body art in the shape of tattoos and jewelery, this has become an almost everyday thing to do in this hectic modern life we have chosen today. So if the above is true, then it follows that the same reasoning will apply to the type of clothing we pick as an aid to express how we are feeling on any specific day. Yes, once again, we can see that there is a growing link between art and fashion.

The coming out of both art and fashion

Something happened in the mid-1800s, which would set both art and fashion onto a collision course. A course that would entwine them for the rest of time. People simply began to leave the confines of their own homes and join the throngs of people who for whatever reason, began to promenade every afternoon. This was usually after tea, through the more affluent areas of Paris. Even though that some of them were not altogether that wealthy. This ritual became known as the daily promenada, and most cities of western Europe, including the United Kingdom, had a street named “The Promenade”.

From that day on art and fashion would no longer be displayed in the confines of inner spaces, but would burst onto the street with everyone displaying their finery like a peacock displays his tail flowers to attract the opposite sex.

Another result of the collision of both art and fashion was felt almost instantly. No longer could you just get fitted for that unique gown or piece of jewelry from the confines of your own home.  You had to venture out into the public arena to seek out one of the commercial shops selling whatever product you required. Fashion and art had now come of age, and could be viewed by all, every night at the cities “Promenada”.

Today's mini Featurette

Did you know that according to the venerable “Business week Magazine.” The youngest senior executive living in the United States is a young 7-year-old lady named Audrey Vandergraph. Ms Vandergraph runs an online art gallery audreysartwork.com,  located in Fort Collins, Colorado, the online art gallery specializes in high-quality fine art, posters,  in-fact everything you will need to display the artistic and fashionable side of yourself.

Open 7 days a week the online gallery has a multitude of warehouses scattered throughout the USA and is dedicated to supplying her customers with the highest quality products at the lowest price possible, delivered absolutely free of charge directly to the door of your house.

Sounds like this young lady is going places and is obviously one to watch out for. Good luck to her, I say and what a marvellous story, my thanks go out to “Business Week Magazine,” for publishing this fantastic inspirational story.

Now let's get back to “Can Fashion also be Art.”

So what sort of person are you, one that tries to blend in with all around you, or are you the type of person who wants to be at the forefront enjoying life’s every waking minute?

It really does not matter, we are all what we are, and we all have the right to be who we want to be.  The same as we have the right to dress as we wish to dress, there are no rules, but it's definitely fun to be found guilty of  “pompubility” sometime in our life.

Thanks for reading, I hope to see you down on the promenade some warm and sunny day wherever you are.

God Bless

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